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Samsung has a potential fix to smartphone fires

Samsung has released a new solution, in the form of a software update, to keep their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from overheating while charging. The update, to begin for current users in South Korea on September 19, prevents the batteries from being able to charge any more than 60% their capacity.

The company took out a front-page advertisement in the Seoul Shinmun newspaper that said, “This plan is for the safety of the consumers.

Samsung had recalled nearly two and a half million of the phones worldwide, resulting in billions of losses for the company. To get back on track, the company has released that it has plans to replace the defective phones with a new and problem-free, as they claim, Note 7 phones.

The company is working closely with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to formally recall the phones in the U.S. In regards to news of the software update, a U.S. Samsung spokesperson assured that no action would be taken in the U.S. without approval from the CPSC.

In the U.S., the company is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to figure out how a formal recall of the phones will work. Regarding the software patch, a Samsung spokesperson in the U.S. said that “no action will be taken without the approval of the CPSC.”

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