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Yachting should be a fun activity, but unfortunately, accidents happen. While your safety should be the last thing you have to worry about while on a yacht, various types of accidents lead to injury and even death on occasion. At Clawson and Staubes, LLC: Injury Group, our Charleston yacht accident lawyers believe that you should not have to worry about medical bills while recovering from injuries that weren’t your fault. Our firm can aid you in receiving the compensation you may be eligible for after a devastating accident on the water.

Common Yacht Accident Claims

If your day of yachting ends in tragedy, it could have been due to a number of reasons. In some cases, such as unforeseen weather conditions, a specific party may not necessarily be responsible for the accident. It is important to discuss your accident with an attorney in order to determine if you have a suitable reason to file a claim. Typically, if a person’s negligence, or inability to act with reasonable care, caused your injury, then they are liable. Some reasons you may be able to file a claim after being injured in a yachting accident include:

  • Collisions – If the yacht you were on collides with another yacht or other type of boat, the driver of your yacht or the other boat may be responsible. Determining if one or both of the operators are responsible for a crash will allow you to file a claim against him or her.
  • Hitting the wake of another boat – Large wakes can be dangerous, as they have the ability to turbulently throw a passenger, or even cause them to fall overboard. In some cases, the operator of the boat that caused the dangerous wake may be held responsible for your injury.
  • Large waves – Similar to wakes, waves can be dangerous to yacht passengers. Waves only involve your yacht’s operator however, and the operator may be liable if they acted negligently in regards to the wave.
  • Land and submerged object collision – While even the most cautious yacht operator may make the mistake of running aground or hitting an object, it is likely unintentional. However, if your operator was acting negligently and speeding through an area with low visibility for instance, they are likely responsible for any sustained injuries.
  • Failed Safety Measures – All yachts are required to adhere to boating laws, which commonly require various types of safety equipment to be on board in case of an accident. If your rescue efforts were hindered by the lack of equipment such as flares or life jackets, then the owner or operator of the boat may be liable for such negligence.

Contact a Yacht Accident Lawyer in Charleston

Yachting accidents can turn a great day on the water into a tragic one, especially when owners, operators, or staff act negligently. Injuries sustained during a yacht accident can be extremely costly, and our attorneys feel financial concerns should be the last thing on your mind while recovering. With experience in representing clients in maritime matters in both state and federal court, our Charleston yacht accident lawyers are prepared to help our clients receive the compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a yacht accident, please call the Clawson and Staubes, LLC: Injury Group today at (843) 720-0810.

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