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Assault and robbery charges issued to man in Anderson Co

A man has been arrested after two separate incidents of assault and battery that both took place on August 31 in Anderson County.

The 43-year-old suspect Ferris Terrill Rainey, broke into the home of an older couple early in the morning on the day of the two incidents and, for unknown reasons, hit them multiple times in their faces before he fled the scene. Nothing was stolen during the attack, however, and police are unsure what the motive was.

Later that day, Rainey traveled to the house his ex-girlfriend had been living at and hit her several times on the head, before pulling her by her hair onto the front lawn. The owner of the home heard the victim’s cries and he frightened Rainey off with a baseball bat. The ex-girlfriend had bruises and cuts on her face that were treated on site.

Someone anonymously called in Rainey’s location following the two incidents and investigators were able to find him and take him into custody, where he will be held at the Anderson County Detention Center on $117,212 bond. He is being charged with first-degree theft, three counts of third-degree assault and battery, and malicious injury to real property.

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