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Vicious dog attack kills Senior Citizen

A vicious dog attack resulted in the death of a Jacksonville, FL senior citizen on Friday, August 19th.

Witnesses explained that the victim, 83-year-old Michael Jason Downing, could hardly be recognized after the attack.

The owner of the four dogs said neighbors regularly upset his animals. Downing was found dead Friday in the backyard of a home near his apartment. The dogs’ owner wasn’t home when the attack happened. Neighbors said there were several holes in the fence the dogs may have used to escape.

No charges have been filed yet. An anonymous caller reported to city officials in April that the dogs were being kept in poor living conditions and were physically abused. Investigators at the time, however, determined that the dogs appeared to be fine.

The victim, Downing, was a retiree in the Tax Collector’s Office, but remained active despite having recently had a stroke.

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