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Manufacturing defects occur when there is an issue with how a product is normally made or assembled. In most cases, there is a departure from the intended manufacturing procedure, which can happen because of human error or a company’s inattention. Often, this departure causes a product to malfunction in some way that is dangerous or likely to cause injury. While manufacturing defects generally affect only a small number of products, the consequences of a single manufacturing flaw are great. These are especially dangerous if the manufacturing defect affects a motor vehicle.

Manufacturers must strictly abide by a number of guidelines meant to keep a poorly manufactured product from entering the market. Sadly, dangerous products created by a faulty manufacturer cause injury every year. If you have suffered injuries from a manufacturing defect, the legal team at Clawson and Staubes, LLC: Injury Group understands these mistakes could cause potentially life-altering injury and undue burden to consumers everywhere. Our manufacturing defects lawyers have a commitment to providing aggressive representation that will allow you the financial restitution to heal fully from your injuries, property damage, unearned wages, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering.

Ways to Prove a Manufacturing Defect

Every state handles manufacturing defect cases differently. In South Carolina, you can use a number of legal theories to prove your manufacturing defect, including:

  • Strict liability – Under strict liability, manufacturers are unquestionably responsible for any injuries their products cause if the product is “unreasonably dangerous.” This theory operates under the assumption that automatic liability will encourage manufacturers to impose a higher standard of care before allowing their products on the market.
  • Negligence based – Under a negligence-based case, you would have to prove that a manufacturer violated their duty to exercise reasonable care in making their products.
  • Comparative negligence – This theory is applicable if your actions are believed to have caused a portion of your injuries. For example, if a car has a manufacturing defect, but you got in an accident because you were using your phone while driving, a manufacturer may not be entirely responsible for your injuries.

Proving a manufacturing defect is surprisingly tricky. In most cases, there are many contributing factors in accidents that make it difficult to prove a product was the actual cause of an injury. Enlisting a resourceful manufacturing defects attorney will greatly strengthen the likelihood of holding a careless manufacturer responsible for your injuries.

Contact a Manufacturing Defects Lawyer

When products we use don’t work the way they are intended to, the results are often unexpected and disastrous. If you were harmed because of a manufacturing defect, the legal team at Clawson and Staubes, LLC: Injury Group understands you are likely angry, confused, and frustrated that a manufacturer could be so reckless. Our manufacturing defect lawyers can fight aggressively to hold this party accountable for the injuries they have caused and compensate you for your suffering. Don’t hesitate to contact our Charleston offices at (843) 720-0810 for effective representation in your case.

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