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Title IX Lawsuits Charleston, S.C 101: Know Your Rights

Signed into law in 1972, this historic act guarantees equality to federally funded programs and on federally funded campuses by barring discrimination based on sex. Since its inception, equality has risen nationwide in terms of academics, graduation, and athletics. Violations, while not as common as they once were, do happen and must be taken seriously. You need to know your rights.

Here are some of the most common questions about Title IX lawsuits in Charleston, S.C, and your rights under the law:

Q: Which rights does Title IX guarantee, specifically?

A: Although the wording is straightforward in nature, its interpretation is a bit more complex. In essence, it guarantees equality wherever federal funding is involved, in practice, it is used to protect individuals against sexual harassment, discrimination in terms of acceptance, and being excluded from participation in programs, such as sports. You cannot be denied the benefits of federal funding because of your gender.

Q: I attend school in Charleston, South Carolina. How does it apply to me?

A: Title IX was enacted with education in mind, especially college campuses. Anyone from a student to a faculty or staff member is covered under this federal law nationwide. If you’ve been the victim of discrimination, violence, or harassment, then you are allowed to take action under the law.

Q: I think I’ve been the victim of harassment or discrimination. What do I do next?

A: If you think your rights under Title IX have been violated, you must notify the school and the authorities immediately. You have 180 days in South Carolina to file a complaint. Use your campus’ grievance filing procedure to submit your form and file sufficient evidence. It isn’t mandatory to go through your school, but it is often the easiest way.

If the grievance is severe and the school has acted negligently, then you may have a much larger case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

How to File a Title IX Lawsuit Claim: FAQ’s

Being discriminated against due to your gender or being the victim of sexual harassment or violence in an area meant for learning is unacceptable. The government specifically protects citizens against this. If you need to take action, do so immediately. We answer some questions pertaining to filing a Title IX claim in this FAQ:

Q: How quickly do I need to act?

A: If you believe your rights have been violated, you must act immediately. The statute of limitations is 180 days in SC. Follow procedures online or with your school at once.

Q: I wasn’t involved in the incident but was a witness. Can I file on behalf of a friend?

A: Yes, absolutely. A violation is a violation. Consider it as being a witness to a crime. You do not need to have been personally impacted by the incident to file the complaint.

Q: What information do I need to give to file a complaint

A: We understand how personal it can be to file a complaint of this nature, but it’s important to provide all necessary information. That means:

  • Where it took place
  • Who did it
  • Who was affected
  • When it happened
  • And who can be contacted for more information

All of your information will be kept confidential.

Q: Where can I file a complaint?

A: Your school’s campus will have an office dedicated to such matters. Follow their grievance procedures. If you don’t want to take that route, you can file online or by mail. Find your local office here. You do not have to file at your school if you don’t feel comfortable. The Office of Civil Rights is on your side. Tell them what happened.

Title IX violations are a serious matter, and all complaints must be investigated immediately to ensure that the truth is uncovered and the violating parties held responsible. Contact a Title IX lawyer in Charleston for more information.

Title IX Lawsuit Charleston, S.C FAQ’s: how can a lawyer help?

If the world were perfect, there would be no discrimination. It isn’t. There are laws in place to protect you, and if your Title IX rights have been violated, you need to take action. If the grievance is severe, you are entitled to compensation. Get a Title IX lawyer immediately to help you fight for what’s yours.

Q: My school has denied my claim. What are my options?

A: Schools act in their best interest, not based on morals. They may deny a claim for multiple reasons. If they do and you have sufficient evidence, we can take them to court. Get a Title IX lawyer to help you fight in court and prove your case.

Q: How does a lawyer help?

A: A lawyer will be backed by a professional legal team with years of experience fighting these cases. We will use the evidence you’ve accumulated, as well as past behavior of the school and other tactics to prove your case in court. Handling all of the proceedings and paperwork alone is nearly impossible, let alone fighting the case. The result can be a positive outcome that results in injunction, monetary compensation, and payment of legal fees.

Q: What information do I need when contacting a lawyer

A: We need to deal with the facts of your case. That means we need all of the evidence that you have: the who, what, where, and when; copies of all interviews or meetings; complaints you’ve filed; all communication with officials, etc. We will then examine the case to assess its validity and determine if it holds enough water to win a positive outcome. If it does, then we will go after the violating party immediately.

Your school will most likely have powerful lawyers and insurance teams representing them, each one assigned with the task of painting the defendant as innocent. You need help, and a Title IX lawyer is necessary in the fight for justice. We will make sure you get what you deserve in terms of compensation.

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