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Being injured on the job can be devastating. Employees who are injured while working in our state are typically required to notify their employers in order to claim workers’ compensation benefits. Employers are required under South Carolina law to help compensate workers for their injuries.  In addition, employees may have the right to recover outside of the workers’ compensation system for injuries caused by third parties.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries commonly include falls, repetitive motion injuries, occupational illness, equipment malfunction, and automotive accidents. If you or a loved one sustained an injury at work, you should report the injury it to your employer immediately. With so much at stake for you and your family, you should consider working with an attorney throughout the workers’ compensation claims process. At Clawson and Staubes, LLC: Injury Group, we can help you understand how to recover the maximum amount you are entitled to under workers’ compensation laws.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you have been hurt while on the job, you may be eligible to claim workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are meant to pay for things like emergency medical care, hospitalization, rehabilitative care, visits to your doctor, and travel costs associated with your care.

In the unfortunate event that a worker sustains a permanent or long-term injury, he or she must be medically evaluated to determine a percentage of impairment. Such a determination can have huge consequences for the amount you may recover now and in the future. Long-term disability may entitle you or a loved one to a lifetime of medical benefits. In addition to these medical benefits, South Carolina law can provide for 500 weeks of pay benefits.

Workers’ compensation benefits can be a lifeline for those suffering from a workplace injury, particularly when it is impossible for workers to continue to earn a living during their recovery. Our legal team understands how the claims process works, and we can help you work though each and every step. Clawson and Staubes, LLC: Injury Group can help you pursue all of the compensation you are eligible for under our state’s workers’ compensation laws according to your specific circumstances.

Consult with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Charleston

Once you have notified your employer of your injury, you should contact Clawson and Staubes, LLC: Injury Group as soon as possible.  Our legal team can help you navigate the complex legal and medical processes involved in recovering from on-the-job injuries.  To speak with an attorney at Clawson and Staubes, LLC: Injury Group about the particulars of your claim, contact us immediately at (843) 720-0810.

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